Business Card Designs

I have designed a couple of business cards besides my own; One for a massage therapist and the other for an individual as a social calling card. Each card’s design is based on the personality of the individual, the business image and target market.
Project Description – massage therapist

Amy Hanson is a licensed massage therapist in a highly competitive market. She identified a niche that she was very interested in – the intersection between massage & creativity and decided to focus her marketing effort on creative individuals. Her desire was for the business card to reflect both massage as well as creativity.  The shape of the graphic is based on the silhouette of a seated body abstracted and rotated. The color is a reflection of Amy’s joyful and energetic personality. The text on the back of the card is literal expression of her belief that the relaxation of your body from massage will calm the mind which will allow one’s creativity to flow more freely.

Project Description – individual social calling card

After seeing my personal business card, a friend requested that I design a social calling card for her. She wanted a professional looking card without it being too “stiff or stuffy”. She is an outgoing, active person that is honest and open with a strong presence. I tried to reflect these traits visually through an active font, straight lines and bold color. The straight line gives it a seriousness yet stopping the horizontal line short of the end of the page makes it more dynamic and less rigid. The green color was selected because it is bold, modern and fresh. I felt it gave the simple design a bold yet restrained punch.
The information on the card in the image has been changed from the original to protect the privacy of my client.

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