Urban Design Lecture Series Committee

Conversations Re: Tacoma 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Through a friend that was part of the Emerging Leaders Group (ELG), I became aware of a group of citizens that were organizing a lecture series about urban design issues. The goal of the group was to educate the public with the thought that educated citizens would result in better decisions regarding the local urban environment. The group determines urban design topics relevant to current city issues then finds speakers with expertise on the topic and local venues which would be low or no cost.

The first year I was asked to join the group to assist with the marketing effort. I worked with a team of three to help review the lecture descriptions, assisted with the set up of the ticketing website, maintained an email distribution list which I used to market the lecture. The second year I was involved in the arrangement of one of the lectures as well as continuing my role of distributing lecture info via email. In 2011, I played a larger role on the planning team, taking notes at meetings, creating a decision & task timeline for futures years, maintaining a lecture outline, keeping the planning team informed, assisting in coordinating one of the lectures and continuing to distribute marketing info via email.



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